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Monthly Archives: November 2012 Petition: NYC Department of Education: Reject proposed changes to sibling admissions policy

The NYC Department of Education is pushing through an amendment to the Chancellor’s Regulations making it almost impossible for siblings to stay together in Gifted & Talented programs, even if they are equally qualified.  The hearing is on December 20th.  We need to act fast to fight it!

We believe that the proposed changes would hurt families because:

1. The proposed change would push middle class, low-income, and minority families out of G&T programs by creating expensive logistical problems.

2. This change is unfair because it only applies to G&T programs; sibling policy is maintained elsewhere.

3. This change imposes inequity on middle class and minority families instead of addressing the real problem: not enough citywide G&T programs to educate all qualified kids at the level they are eligible for.

4. The change would purport to rank all NYC 4 year olds in numerical order, according to ability, using a test that testing experts say cannot be used in that way.

*Please include your NYC public school affiliation, if any, when signing this letter.

Thank You!

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